comandera techni-web

Times are changing, so as technology and company’s needs. Every day, practicality is recognized on the tools used and how they help speed up, organize and distribute employees. Time, has become one of the most appreciated items, if you have it, you will be able to do lots of projects and tasks. Because of that, at Danzai Software we are developing a new commander app Techni-Web.  

Our only purpose, has been to facilitate daily management of our client’s businesses, increasing productivity, speeding up and simplifying tasks.

Commanders are a trend

The waiters need agile and fast tools. Their challenge, is to offer an effective service, fast and with quality. This, depends on them a 50%, the other part, has to be assumed by the restaurant management, committing to provide effective and quality tools. Here is where the commander plays an important part. We want to offer the most agile, malleable and portable commander app. At Techni-Web, we are aware of these needs, for that, we are developing our new commander, compatible with Orderman, Android and IOS, that will speed up the waiter’s service.

With the new commander Techni-Web, your team will

  • Have everything they had before but on the palm of their hand.  
  • Less weight, less occupational hazards and more comfortability.
  • Pay the check from the same terminal. Your employees won’t lose time going to find a POS to pay.
  • Take orders nimbly, with an intuitive app and tested for the best professionals.
  • Having a fast formation of your employees, with a very intuitive commander.

With a new commander, your business will be benefit with

  • More table rotation.
  • Quick employee training.  
  • Less workload for your workers.
  • The order is going to arrive directly to each department, without needing unnecessary commuting and tickets.
  • With our kitchen display, you are going to see how the orders come into the kitchen automatically and organize them.
  • Having a payment system incorporated, customers will have the option of paying directly to the commander, reducing the line at the time they are paying.

At Danzai Software, we are promoting the development of our POS software Techni- Web, making it more accessible for all customers. For that, the next months we are going to dedicate our time to develop our new commander, which is going to benefit the actual and next customers.