Cashlogy smart drawer for hospitality

The Cashlogy smart drawer gives you peace of mind and security in your busines, by minimizing theft and cash imbalances. Save your employees’ time.

Perfect for all those establishments tht want to professionalize their business and offer a modern and simple payment experience to their customers.

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Advantages of a smart drawer

Discover all the advantages that a smart automatic payment drawer has your business.

Goodby to cash imbalances

El cajón inteligente Cashlogy siempre sabe cuánto efectivo tiene. Al finalizar la jornada laboral, se simplifica el cierre de caja, ahorra tiempo y pérdidas de dinero por descuadres. Se realiza automáticamente y sin errores.

Eliminate fraud
and bill fraud

The Cashlogy system verifies all incoming coins and bills through various checking and verification systems. The system automatically rejects any counterfeit and returns the ticket instantly.

You won’t be left without change

Thanks to its sensors, the Cashlogy smart drawer knows at all times how much cash is available in its compartments. You will also receive a notification if there is a shortage.

Avoid theft

With the Cashlogy smart drawer you will avoid human errors when returning cash and possible theft by employees. Since all the collection is automated, you will avoid any money loss.

Cashlogy App

View transaction movements and notifications on your device from anywhere through the Cashlogy app.

  • Have real-time information on the status of your machine.
  • Obtain information and statistics on cash openings and closings.
  • Receive notifications and incidents from the machines.
  • Have different roles for information access and traceability per user.
  • Save time.
  • Service included in your cashlogy.

Cashlogy 2023 technical specifications

Hardware and connectivity

The most compact solution on the market

Thanks to its horizontal design, Cashlogy reduces the visual impact on the counte and creates a more pleasant environment for the customer.

Designed for maximum accessibility

Folding bill module

– Removable currency module


2 levels of access: collection and maintenace. Additional keys for removing and opening the stacker.


USB / RS232.


110-240v AC 50-60Hz.

Cashlogy is directly integrated with our Techni-Web touch POS software

Coin recycling

Currency denomination

Euro. For other denominations, request information.


Bulk ,up to 80 coins mixed.


From 1 cent. up to 2 euros.


2 €: 120 uds.
1 €: 150 uds.
0,50 €: 135 uds.
0,20 €: 190 uds.
0,10 €: 245 uds.
0,05 €: 245 uds.
0,02€: 310 uds.
0,01 €: 390 uds.

Validation speed:

3,5 coins/second.

Return speed:

Up to 30 coins/second

Banknote recycling




From 5 euros to 500.


3 recycling units for up to 50 bills (depending on denomination. Collection stacker with capacity up to 500 bills.

Validation speed:

1 ticked/second.

Return speed:

1 ticket/second.

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We are official authorized distributors of Cashlogy

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