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The second announcement of Kit Digital, an initiative of the Spanish government, has the main objective to help the digital transformation of companies to have a better digital presence, is about to open. It is really important to be aware of the dates, so the economic […]
At Danzai Software we are constantly developing new apps to facilitate the daily management of our costumer’s businesses. This is one of our main missions. Helping the management of other restaurants through digital transformation. In the last times, we have developed lots of apps that complement […]
nueva actualización Techni-Web
Techni-Web will not work with Windows XP. Times are changing, like technology, which is always moving forward. At Danzai Software, we always want to be up to date. For that, we renew constantly our POS software Techni-Web. Actually, we are preparing a new version, adapted to […]
ley antifraude fiscal techni-web
Every year, government includes new measures to fight fiscal fraud. Aware that this situation is not good, they dedicate all their time and effort to impose rules to businessmen and software producers in order that businesses don’t have facilities to defraud government. With this measures, Hacienda […]
HIP Profesional Techni-Web
For our Company, it has always been important to be updated. New market trends are always important because in long terms, are going to attract new customers. For that, like every year, from the 7th to 9th of March we have made our HIP Professional 2022 […]
Orderman Techni- Web
Technology is growing really fast and every day offers us solutions more effective solutions. And it’s in our hands to take advantage of them. From the beginning, at Techni-Web we have to stay up to date and be linked to the Orderman management with our POS […]
Danzai Software has always had a purpose: Helping businesses with their digital transformation. For that, we collaborate on the digital agents programa kit digital. We are already digitalizing agents We can help you to implement digital solutions to your business that are going to help at […]
Techni-Web has been a great POS software since its beginnings. The utility, interface and personalization has made it a good software, adaptable to any type of business or sector. Due to the projection that Techni-Web has and our intention of expanding it to an international level, […]
Conector web Techni-Web
A web connector is an essential tool for every business that manages an e-commerce. This tool, is going to facilitate the daily management of your online store, avoiding to waste time with two platforms. At Danzai Software we want to solve problems, so we have decided […]

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