From our begginings, at Danzai Software our mission has been help our customers to improve their business management. For that, we have renovated and improved our point of sale software Techni-Web. In that case, we are going to talk about POS for hairdressers that is going to help them with an optimal day-to-day management.

Techni-Web is an intuitive point of sale software, colorful, easy to use and in various languages. We have a management software completely configurable with all of your business needs.

With the POS for hairdressers from Techni-Web, you will:

  • Different levels of use, according to user: boss, manager, and hairdresser. All from the same or different terminals of use and simultaneously.
  • Better performance or productivity, saving time and streamlining tasks.
  • Possibility to add multiple terminals without cables, to manage tickets and daily control of your cash register.
  • Save customer sheets with all of your data, their histories, avoid confusions with dyes, know which product you are applying to each client.
  • Control of article statistics, users, time zones…
  • Stock control, keep track of the products that have been sold, inventory control, etc.
  • Make simplified invoices, with different taxes. Save a register of nominal invoices.
  • Closing of the day, automatic recording of all cancellations, drawer openings, tickets with visa and intelligent cash management (Cashlogy) – certified.
  • Possibility to connect various shops from the same central.
  • Modern and innovative image of your business.
  • Manage the ins and outs of your employees, signing with the presence control module.

From Techni-Web, we want to guarantee a good service to our customers, wherever sector it is. For that, during last years, we have dedicated our energy to specialize our software to various sectors, which we believe are the most employable. At Techni-Web we offer service to all of the businesses, wherever which sector, using our point of sale software. Start now with us!