TPV Restaurantes Techni-Web

Restaurants need a software adapted to new business needs. Consumer trends are continually changing, and they are moving to a more different plane, promoting Take Away and Delivery systems. This kind of services, are the future of restaurants and also allow them to obtain more benefits. They will not take up physical space in your restaurant and will help increasing benefits. Your restaurant is going to be benefited.

Due to COVID-19, establishments have noticed a rapid growth of this type of business. For that, people have understood that they need to update the way they were managing their restaurants. At a conceptual level (new consumer tendencies) and with a new POS software that allows this kind of activity.

With that, Techni-Web has updated our POS software for restaurants. With this new renovation, we want to offer our new and actual customers a complete software that allows a complete management of restaurants.

POS software for restaurants

  • Manage Take Away and Delivery services.
  • Manage orders.
  • Control the number of tables occupied and check out which state of the lunch your customers are.
  • Sales statistics: You will choose between most sold plates, days of more activity, etc.)
  • End misunderstandings, we guarantee good communication between departments.
  • Win on waiting time of your customers.
  • Compatible with wireless accessories.
  • Control your sales and profit margins completely.
  • Manage various companies at the same time.
  • No more misunderstandings, we guarantee communication between departments.
  • Personalize the management of your own business.
  • Different levels of use.
  • QR codes to speed up your orders.
  • POS software totally customizable, you will be able to reproduce the map of your premises in reality in the POS software. ¡Forget about unnecessary mistakes!

With our POS software Techni-Web PRO, you can have control of your business at 100%. Desde Danzai Software, we guarantee to our customers 24 hour attention to solve any doubts that may arise.

¡Start now working in the easiest way!