Techni-Web platos con diferentes idiomas

Restaurants have to face every day with more big challenges. For that, you must have an agile management with tools that help managing your day. That will allow you to increase your competitiveness. One of the most interesting ways to increase competitiveness, is having a software like Techni-Web restaurants that will allow you to configure dishes with different languages.

Which benefits will I obtain with having dishes with different languages?

  • Loyalty and customer attraction. The more languages your menu have, the more customers you will attract.
  • Simplify your employee tasks. If you have more languages in your menu, the easier they will be for you. All the information is going to be reflected and doubts will be reduced to the minimum.  
  • More rotation, while offering organized information and lots of languages, your customers will make orders faster, and they won’t have to ask employees for questions. Because of that, rotation will be increased.

What procedure should I do?

  • Configure every plate of food in your menu with the languages you need. Everything could be done from our POS software Techni-Web.
  • Print your menu or letter directly from our software with the languages that you want.
  • Your orders, will appear on the languages you want in your kitchen.
  • While doing the invoice or the receipt, you can assign the language to the customer and print the ticket in order to check what has been consumed and if the account is correct.
  • You are going to obtain a more personalized, agile and competitive customer service.  

Knowing your customers’ needs is basic for your business. For that, you will need to get advice of the best professionals on the market. At Danzai Software, we have more than 40 years of experience advising businesses of the restoration sector and offering them useful, agile and effective solutions for restaurants.

¿Do you want a software that allows you to offer all your dishes, tickets and menus with different languages? Contact us and our team will advise you what is the best solution. ¡Join the digital transformation of your restaurant!