Take away service has growth a lot since the pandemic. Increasingly, customers prefer eat at their homes and not be on a restaurant, where possibly you won’t have table unless you have booked it. Also, due to apps like Glovo or Uber Eats, this kind of services promote than in a few minutes, you will have your food at your home. Discover how take away with Techni-Web can be really improved. ¡Start now managing your pick up service with us!

With our POS software, you will be able to:

  • Order the orders by order of collection or delivery.
  • Send orders automatically to the kitchen at the time that you want in order for the customer to pick up the order at the time stablished.
  • Possibility to visualize easily.
    • Previously payed order.
    • Customer data.
    • Pick up time of the orders.
  • Detail of the order by simply pressing the POS screen.  

Take away/ web connector/ ecommerce pack

Online sales have come to stay. Actually, more than ¼ part of the companies are selling online. A fact that has been accelerated due to the COVID-19. For that, at Danzai Software we have developed the Techni-Web & e-commerce pack. Our purpose, will proportionate your company new customers, and also loyalty the ones that you had.

Techni-Web e-commerce is composed by our POS software Techni-Web, our web connector and an e-commerce website powered by Prestashop.

The Techni-Web e-commerce pack will allow you to:

  • Streamline the ordering system.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Modify your menu whenever you want.
  • Sales control.
  • Offer to your customer a platform with a safe payment system.

Web connector

Manage your online store without problems.

  • We create an online store, self-manageable in where your customers can make your orders and shop.
  • We will use our web connector, to link the online store with our POS software.
  • With our POS Techni-Web, you will manage all the orders of your customers that your customers have done.

All the orders that will be make in your website, are going to be paid in a secure and safe system and when the transaction has finished, the orders will appear on the screen of the Techni-Web menu of the corresponding place. Depending on the hour selected, the orders will appear on the screen ready to prepare, or on the waiting list, depending on the picking up time that the customer has selected. When picking up time is yet to come, the order will be print 15 minutes before on the kitchen, in order to be ready to pick up the order at the time selected.

¿Do you want another solution for your business? ¡At Techni-Web we are here to help you! Check out with our team what is going to be the best for your business. Each one of them has different functionalities. Discover which fits better to your business.