At Danzai Software we are constantly developing new apps to facilitate the daily management of our costumer’s businesses. This is one of our main missions. Helping the management of other restaurants through digital transformation. In the last times, we have developed lots of apps that complement ideally the management of companies. For that reason, we have developed our new app Cheflist.

How is going to help me the new app Cheflist?

The new app Cheflist is the ideal complement for your kitchen team to make purchasing orders of ingredients. We want to provide the best tools to our customers.

  • Don’t lose more time than necessary doing purchasing tasks so you can focus more on other things that add more value to your restaurant.
  • You will be able to do this task whatever you are. You will only need Internet connection.
  • The purchasing process is simplified.

What is offering the new app Cheflist?

  • Our new App Cheflist, can be installed on tablets, smartphones via app and on computers, via web.
  • Cheflist, can be synchronized with our Techni-Web software.
  • Inside the app, the list of products will be shown and you will be able to see if you have stock or not.
  • The app, will generate a purchase order with the products and quantities that you need and it’s going to be sent directly to your provider via e-mail, in order to have the purchase as fast as possible.
  • Our main objective is speed up the task and save time.

How is working the new app Cheflist?

  • Our newest app synchronizes the data with your management software Dansap ERP and Techni-Web restaurants. It will show a list of the products consumed and if you have stock or not to naked eye.
  • Shows the prices at which supplier is selling a product. But, you will have to update them at the management of your software every time they change.
  • You will be able to make your shopping list in seconds, without the need of checking anything.
  • Cheflist, will generate a shopping purchase with the products and quantities that the restaurant need and it’s going to be sent to each provider, in order to have your order as soon as possible.

Which benefits is going to have my restaurant?

  • Save money, the app will show the different prices in which your distributors are selling the products.
  • Save time, make the list of what you need to buy for your restaurant in seconds and save time that you could dedicate to other restaurant management tasks.
  • Control every moment the stock that you have in your restaurant.
  • You will be able to make purchasing orders everywhere, without the need of being at your restaurant or office to make this task. You will only need Internet connection.

Cheflist, is the easiest way to do the purchase of your restaurant. ¿Do you want the same solution for your restaurant? Contact our team and we will inform you without compromise. ¡Start now with the digital transformation of your business!