Techni-Web TPV terrazas

Summer has arrived, and restaurants and terraces are full of customers. At Techni-Web, we are aware that the terrace of your restaurant represents a high percentage of revenue. It is the place that they like to spend time during the summer season. Due to that, having the right tools is essential for a good success:

  • An appropriate point of sale software for every type of business.
  • Order easily (without needing paper and pen), with all the extra work that represents.

With that, you will learn how to enhance your restaurant zones to the maximum and obtain the best profit. Now, we are going to give some advice of how to optimize your terrace with Techni-Web and some tools that will help manage your daily management.  

¿How can I boost your business?

Here we have some tips to enhance all the rooms of your restaurant, including the terrace.

  1. Use a commander to take orders. This simple fact, will improve your customer service at least 200% more. Once the waitress has the order, they will be broken down and sent to the corresponding restaurant department.
  2. Have all the rooms of your local configured on the software. In this way, the employee is going to offer a faster service (select the table, make the order and award it directly).
  3. Have wifi. It is essential for the good operation of all tools. Not having it, is going to decrease competivity.
  4. Offer a QR to streamline orders. In this way, your customers will read the menu immediately and won’t have to wait for anyone. They will know faster what they want. The fact of offering a QR menu, streamlines your employees work, and offers a fast customer service.  

¿Which benefits will I have if I implement this system to streamline my terrace?

  • Increase of the average ticket. With the QR, people is going to ask for more, provoking an increase of the average ticket.
  • Organized employees. With the commander system, each employee would be really well organized. Each one of them, will be on its zone and will prepare the assigned orders. Each one of them, will have a set order and the employees will have their orders and tasks organized.
  • Agile system. All computerized, we guarantee a good customer service to our clients. And also, give attention to really important tasks and taking management time away from those that do not provide any added value.

¿What are you waiting to implement an equal solution for your business? Modernizing all the business aspects, is going to help gaining more competitiveness, be up to date and offer a good customer service. ¡Follow us to know how to optimize your terrace with Techni-Web!