From our beginnings, at Micromar Techni-Web we have worked to optimize restaurant orders and offer the best software solutions to our customers. Techni-Web, is a point of sale software complemented with the necessary hardware to make every business ambit more agile and productive.

Specialized at the hostelry sector, we know how important is to have the right handful terminals adequate to work effectively. For that, from Micromar Techni- Web we have selected the best handheld terminals to help you to optimize your order system.


The ideal order system for your employees. Orderman is easy to use, and fast to manage. Orderman will provide your company with an easy system where will write down all the orders without forgetting anything. Also, you will enlarge the orders with all kind of facility.

The device, is fully compatible with the principal POS softwares of the market, including Techni-Web. You can synchronize it and if there is an order change, you can write it. Also, it has 18 hours of battery and protection against splashes and dust. For that, we guarantee a large durability and total amortization of the terminal.

Ipad mini

Commander with wifi system, fully compatible with the principal POS softwares of the market, including Techni-Web. The iPad mini is one of the most practical order systems of the market. With it, you will have the software in your hand, including its functions. In that way, everything is going to be write down, without forgetting anything. Also, data will be synchronized and other waitresses will extend the order.

Integrate a handful terminal in your business will allow you to:

  • Reduce waiting times.
  • Increase rotation.
  • Directly transmit orders to the kitchen.
  • Don’t forget a plate to serve.
  • Control the orders.

If you want more information about how to optimize your order system, don’t hesitate to contact with us without compromise. Also, you can buy directly our products through our website.

How to optimize restaurant orders