Today, cash is still the most used payment method. Nevertheless, its management is delicate. Cashlogy is a new technology for cash payment at the point of sale that automatizes all the cash processes and simplifies its management. We present our anti COVID-19 Solution Cashlogy.

Also, Cashlogy could integrate a POS at your business, rapidly and safely.

Contactless purchase

Due to the actual sanitary situation, contactless payments have helped stores to increase its customers trust and fidelity. Cashlogy is the solution for a cash purchase without contact.

Solutions for every type of business

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce costs and losses.
  • Flexible and easy payment.

New Cashlogy app

Now you can download the app to control its business.

  • Have real-time information on the real status of your machine.
  • Obtain real information of the cash openings and closings.
  • Receive notifications and machine incidences.
  • Have different roles for information access and traceability by user.
  • Save management timings.

Cashlogy benefits

Cashlogy will allow to win in tranquility, at the same time that you reactivate your business in an effective way.

  • Avoid cash mismatches.
  • Better hygiene.
  • Avoid contact with money.
  • Productivity increased.

Don’t hesitate to contact with our team to get advice without obligation on anti Covid-19 solution Cashlogy! In addition, we distribute throughout Spain.