Shops, are the main business of our country. Whether clothing, food stores or bars, all of them need to adapt to new tendencies and to the digital transformation. Danzai Software, detect so many needs, started to work on that and launched POS Shops, specialized on the daily management of this type of stores.

¿What is POS Stores Techni-Web software offering to my business?

  1. Different use levels: employee, manager, boss, all from the same or different terminals. Simultaneously.
  2.  Higher performance and productivity, saving time and simplifying tasks.
  3. Possibility to add multiple terminals without cables and manage tickets, cash controls and barcode readers.
  4. Save client sheets with all the data in your telephone number.
  5. Statistic sales control.
  6. In and out employee management.
  7. Stock control.
  8. Simplified invoices.
  9. Daily closing, returns, automatic register of all the annulations, drawer openings and sales in visas.
  10. Connection with various stores at the same time from a unique central point.
  11. Connection with balances and scales. Automatic price calculation in each article.

¡And a lot of more functionalities!

Our POS shops software offers an intuitive and showy point of sale, easy to use and in various languages. Techni-Web is a fully configurable software to your shop’s needs. Our team of professionals is at your disposal 24/7 to advise, attend and give support to the implantation of your new POS shops software.

At Danzai Software we are up to date of the last technologies and customer’s needs. For that, we have launched a new version of our POS shops software, Techni-Web PRO for shops with major needs. This, is going to improve the complete management of your business. Also, we are launching a new version of Techni-Web, more modern, that is going to help to the operation of your company.