At Danzai Software we want to help companies to optimize the operation of businesses, streamlining every department process. For that, we have created a management software, integrated with a POS software that will help you speed up your daily tasks.  

The software will allow your business to be faster, competitive, precise and effective, both in administrative and management tasks, as in direct sales to the customer. You will save queues, data loss and having to migrate from one software to another to manage your business.  

Our POS software adapted to multiple sectors

The software created by Micromar Techni-Web is unique and adapted to infinity of sectors. We are specialized with the following ones:

  • Fruit shop.
  • Ice cream shop.
  • Bakery.
  • Hairdresser.
  • Hostelry.
  • Supermarkets.

We offer a POS software specialized in every sector of activity. With periodic updates, maintenance services with our team and installation support.

Our POS pack integrates the software developed by Micromar Techni-Web, printing machine and POS screen. Everything you need to start your business without worries. Ask for a demo of our software and you will be convinced.

What does the POS software Techni-Web offer to my business?

Tranquility. It’s our purpose. We want you to forget from trespassing data, charge fees from one software to another and have problems arising from the management of your business. Everything is integrated in one system.

Our range of tactile and management solutions goes from the simple manage of one point of sale through a tactile module, to the integral management of various stores, warehouses, counters, dining rooms, kitchen ¡and much more!

All manageable if you are the franchise owner, a chain or several companies.

At Micromar Techni-Web we offer 360° to our customers, offering help to the management of their business and optimizing its computer system to achieve the best results from an easy way.