nueva actualización Techni-Web

Techni-Web will not work with Windows XP. Times are changing, like technology, which is always moving forward. At Danzai Software, we always want to be up to date. For that, we renew constantly our POS software Techni-Web. Actually, we are preparing a new version, adapted to the actual laws, with periodic renewals, a new interface and easy and intuitive to use.

Windows XP was launched at 2001. This, had versions for various computer scientists environments, including PC’S, laptops, “netbooks”, “tablets” and multimedia centers. Actually, this version is obsolete and it’s no compatible with our POS software.

¿Why do I have to update the POS software and the Microsoft Office?

  • Proximately, Windows XP is not going to support the new POS software Techni-Web.
  • The update of our software, is going to help you being up to date with all the laws (fiscal antifraud, create and growth), among others that the Spanish government has specified that must be fulfilled in short term.
  • You are going to work more comfortably and with more security from an updated software.
  • In order to enjoy our new software, you will need to update your Windows version, if not, you are not going to work correctly.

If a superior version of Windows is not updated, it’s going to lose access to the last functionalities, security updates and patches. Techni-Web will not work with Windows XP.

If you have any doubt, you can keep in touch with our commercial and technical team. We are going to inform you of the steps to follow and we will advise you without compromise.