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Every year, government includes new measures to fight fiscal fraud. Aware that this situation is not good, they dedicate all their time and effort to impose rules to businessmen and software producers in order that businesses don’t have facilities to defraud government. With this measures, Hacienda wants to collect 31.800 M€, a huge amount. This will allow the government to help other companies, in addition to enforcing the obligations and duties established by law. Now, we are going to explain the main points of the Antifraud tax law.

We have adapted our software to the new Antifraud tax law.

At Danzai Software we always wanted the compromise of having our software adapted to the new laws. For that, our POS software, has all the current regulations of the Spanish government:

  1. Achieve greater efficiency in tax verification.
  2. Facilitate compliance with tax obligations.
  3. Guarantee integrity, authenticity and traceability of registered data.
  4. Register all the operations that are made in the software.

You must have to have implanted a software according to the antifraud tax law before the 1st of January 2024

This is the limit date that the Spain Government has put to have everything up to date. Everything must be approved for the government and have:

  • Capacity of remitting all the information to “Agencia Tributaria”.
  • For each delivery goods, a registration billing record must be made.
  • Software system that guarantees integrity and inalterability of billing registers and don’t compromise registered data.
  • Traceability and conservation of all billing registers.
  • Software system must have a register of events that recollect automatically the interactions with this software system.
  • All software system functionalities must be in the “software user manual”.
  • The software systems that support billing processes, must have information of tax significance duly dissociated.

All the points of the antifraud tax law, must be certified to “Hacienda” through a “Responsible declaration of software systems”. This, must be written and visible in the software and each one of its versions. At Danzai Software we guarantee being up to date of all government laws. For that, we update our POS software constantly.We want to offer high quality products and with the best technology. Our technical team, want your team to work comfortably without thinking if you have to update the software.