Techni-web pro

At Danzai Software we have reinvented our management software. We present Techni-Web PRO, a management and POS software ideal for every type of business.

With this renewal, we have modernized our image and streamlined some of the processes that were too slow, introducing a POS and management software, really competitive and self-developed.

With the new Techni-Web PRO you can:

  • Manage various shops at the same time.
  • Have different levels of use according to the type of profile that each employee has (manager, salesperson, etc.)
  • It will reduce the waiting time of your costumers.
  • Personalize the management of your business.
  • Control your sales system and the benefits.
  • Software completely compatible with POS systems, wireless accessories and handheld terminals.
  • Organize the menu of your program however you want: Categories, sub-categories and products.
  • Having completely control of invoicing system of your business. Check the invoicing process by year or which period you want comparing with other years.

Have access to all the functionalities that Techni-Web PRO allows:

  • Control and cash closure.
  • Partial charge.
  • Client invoices, printed or by e-mail.
  • Cash and card charges.
  • Article organization: create the articles you need in your POS menu. They will appear at the screen with the price that you have previously awarded.
  • Control the stock of your stores. Access to the actual stock of the product in your warehouse anytime. 
  • Get personalized list of benefits, most sell products, rotation, production, etc.

At Danzai Software we investigate our costumer’s needs, test our software permanently, design the best interface and communicate all type of content to our customers for having a good 360° experience during the use of Techni-Web PRO.

Having a comprehensive management of your business processes is essential for the overall success of your business.

¡Welcome to the digital transformation of your business! Ask our team.