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Successful Story Ca la Pilar

Ca la Pilar is a typical Catalan food restaurant founded at 1953 located in the city of Girona. In its third generation, they wanted to enhance the table rotation of the restaurant and improve customer service, offering a fast and easy service. Through lots of software companies, they have listened that Techni-Web was one of the best ones in management, and decided to go for it.  


The Challenge

Changing habits is always complicate. And more, if traditionally people has been working only with one methodology. At Ca la Pilar, they needed a change, so they started to use Techni-Web for the management of its business. The challenge for the restaurant was to find out a POS software that could fit its needs and also provide them the benefit of the agility in the order preparation, kitchen communication and table rotation.

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The Solution

Techni-Web, with its ability to streamline processes that were made manually before, has provided lots of benefits to Restaurant Ca La Pilar. As for example, the following ones:

-Organize the table distribution and check which ones are booked.

-Scandal controls of every dish, calculating the profit.

-Sales statistics, to compare previous billing periods.

-Speed up customer orders, sending information directly to the kitchen and being registered to the POS software.



Without a doubt, Ca la Pilar has been 100% benefited of the Techni-Web implementation. The result, has been a restaurant completely controlled from only one software, with the capacity to manage all its needs. Waiting times have been reduced and in consequence they have evolved to a more profitable business and with better reputation. Do you like that successful story Ca la Pilar? ¡Check out our other successful stories!

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