Commander for restaurants


We have developed the new command APP for Techni-Web restaurants, Techniorder. This App is compatible with Android, Ordermans and IOS devices (coming soon). We want to help increase the porductivity of your restaurant, streamlining and simplifying the tasks of your waiters, improving the entire service.

comandera para restaurantes

Advantages for your restaurant:

More compact and lighter deviece

It is compatible with any Android device, it can be used from your mobile phone. Compatible with Orderman.

Simple and fast

We have worked to make it a fast and intuitive application. In addition, their reaction times are the minimum to speed up the entire service to the waiters.

Allows you to pay from the same device

It is compatible with devices that have payment gateways included in them, to pay directly with a card using contactless.

Print tickets

It it compatible with devices that include a small printer to directly print the table ticket. There for, you will save unnecessary trips by waiters.

Direct delivery to kitchen

The commander is developed to send orders directly to the kitchen, thus saving unnecessary trips.

Multiple devices at once

It is prepared to support the ability to work with multiple devices simultaneously in the restaurant.

comandera para restaurantes
comandera para restaurantes con impresora

Improve your restaurant sevice

With the TechniOrder restaurant command

With command software for restaurants you will increase your restaurant’s income, streamlining order taking and thus table rotation and offering better service to your customers.

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