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Successful Story Les Voltes de Calella

Las Voltas de Calella, is a restaurant located in Calella de Palafrugell, at the Costa Brava’s heart. The main purpose of the restaurant, was to offer the same products that Es Portal has in other location. With the empordà cuisine as a symbol, offer quality products based on tradition and excellence is their purpose.

At Las Voltas, customers can taste from an aperitif, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each one of them with proposals thought by the Chef Joan Carles Sánchez.

INTEGRAted tablets  


Due to the new restaurant opening, they needed a POS software that allow them be more agile, like at Es Portal. Only because they knew our software, they didn’t hesitate on asking to do the Techni-Web PRO installation.

The most important challenge was to have a fast and agile service. They are in a tourist zone and were intereste on having the maximum rotation possible. Also, they should be able to manage the employees ins and outs and have different profiles aworded for each one of them. With that, each employee can only access to the files selected.

the solution

After various meetings, we decided that the best was to implement the POS software Techni-Web PRO. The most important for our customer was to have:

–  Various stores management, to have a complete control of their restaurants. Dispose of data in the moment they want.

–  Sales statistics, check out your billing through the years, trimesters, months, days… and compare it with last periods. Also, develop the reports that you want with the data.

–  Gift cheques, with a personalized account for each customer. Clients can add money to the account and when they go to the restaurant, it will be discounted.

–  Different profiles, one for each employee, with limited access to parts of the program.

–  IPad orders, to send directly the information to the kitchen.

A plus for the installation, was that Techni-Web PRO must had to be able to manage various stores, allowing to make sales statistics of the two stores (for years, months and days).


With Techni-Web PRO, Las Voltas de Calella has achieved to optimize the management of its business. The main requirement was that the need to improve the agility of the service. To speed up the order system we incorporate iPads to their employees. With that, they were able to write down the order and everything is printed directly to the kitchen.

With all of that, we have achieved all the purposes that we had since the beginning of the project. Our customer is satisfied and Techni-Web has another successful story.

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