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Successful Story Hors Catégorie

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Successful Story Hors Catégorie

Hors catégorie, is a coffee shop/biker restaurant located on the center of Girona. In their facilities, dedicated to customers of all types, but especially to cyclists, can go inside the coffee shop with their bike, take a coffee, have lunch or dinner. From the beginning, Hors Catégorie knew that they wanted to give a good customer service. For that, they searched on the market different point of sale softwares and found out Techni-Web as a good option. Now, we are going to tell you our successful story Hors Catégorie.


The Challenge

Like lots of people that wanted to open a new restaurant, they didn’t know all of the software solutions on the market. In the case of our sector, there’s a lot of them. But not all of them cover the same needs.

Our customer, knew what he needed: manage sales and organize the restaurant. For that, they needed a POS software and commanders, to streamline customer service and sending orders directly to kitchen printers.

Looking for software solutions, they contacted us and told us about their project. From the beginning, we knew that Techni-Web would fit their needs. Not only for its functioning, also for their specific work methodology.


The Solution

Techni-Web, the point of sale software specialized on restaurants and coffee shops, helped Hors Catégorie on the following things:

– Having an excellent customer service. Arriving to the restaurant, with a single glance, the team will see which tables are available and which ones booked.

– Entering orders directly on the software and save time to employees. Connection with the kitchen department.

– Having allergens informed in all the products, essential for every restaurant. With Techni-Web, they got to have everything organized.

– Managing the take away of the restaurant. Hors catégorie offers take away. Techni-Web, helped improve this aspect.



The result of all of this project, has been a restaurant/ coffee shop well managed, with a sales software that allowed them loyalty customers and offer an agile and good customer service.

Our main objective has always been helping all types of businesses on their digital transformation, improving their activity. At Danzai Software, we are compromised to be next to our customers during all the implantation process of the software, resolving doubts and offering formation to all of their employees.

Implant Techni-Web at Hors Catégorie has been really successful. Our team has been next to our customers every moment, attending their incidents and resolving doubts. Everything on benefit of an agile and competitive business.

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