Danzai Software is specialized in Company advice. Like backups in companies. We constantly investigate their needs and offer the best services to our customers.

One of the most asked questions is how many times they have to make backup security copies and how to do them in order to not lose all the information. Backup copies are made depending on the needs of each company. If you are working daily with lots of information, you need to make security backups every hour. Or for instance, if you are working with very little information you may only need a daily backup.

The most important is that you don’t lose information and data at your work that will suppose a waste of time in case that happens.

Now, we are going to give you five reasons for make a backup copy:

  1. Cyberattacks, you don’t know if someday you will be the target of a cyberattack. All of the companies could be attacked. The most important thing is being ready. You must do security copies recurrently, and that will help you prevent information theft and have to pay a compensation to recover it.
  2. Theft in the company, if you ever have suffered one, the most important thing is have a good backup for all the work done and data information. In that case, you won’t lose all your work.
  3. Hardware problems. Lots of times we think that our hardware is in good conditions, and there is not. Equipment get old and could lose all the information. In that case, it is about to prevent that this happens and have at the backup all the information that you are working.
  4. Deleting the information by mistake, sometimes we accidentally delete information by mistake. It is important to have backup copies made daily so that if this happens, it does not affect us so much and we can recover our information safely.
  5. Lack of space, without realizing it. Is one of the most common problems for companies, and also is a thing that you have to be controlling constantly. In that case, if you make security copies in cloud of all your data, you will be able to recover how far the copy was made.

At Danzai Software we care about make backup copies of your information. Evaluate your needs and act in consequence. If you work from our management software Dansap ERP, you are not going to have data recuperation problems. We take care of making backup copies of your information, so your work and the information will be protected. Ask our team for more information.