inventarios Techni-Web

Inventory control is essential for every business. Doing this, you will know what you have in your warehouse. With that, you are going to avoid losing sales, so you will always know the stock available and will never have to say no to your clients. With Techni-Web, you will have always available the real stock of every single product of your warehouse. Start now controlling the management of your store and your inventory with Techni-Web.

Inventory management is going to help carrying out your activity correctly. With a not properly management, the company could have loses as a result of poor organization.    

Benefits of managing correctly the inventory of your business

  • Reduce the costs derived from provisions.
  • Detect stagnant goods.
  • Have more control of the business.
  • Increase sales.
  • Space saving.
  • Cost reduction.

You will know what profits and losses you have

If you do the inventory periodically (as the experts recommend), you will be able to know which are your best sellers, and which are not. Also, you are going to know if some products have disappeared of your warehouse or there has been some mistake sending a product, by not matching the genre sold with the warehouse stock.

¿In what is going to help you Techni-Web and its inventory functionality?

The software Techni-Web, is going to help your business administrating orders and sales. Each functionality, is going to be linked. In this way, when a sale is done, is going to be discounted from the software and subtracted from inventory. Everything is going to be done automatically, for the customer convenience. You won’t have to think anything, only sell.

Due to an innovative system, Techni-Web is going to allow you control the inventory whatever you want:

  • You will be able to know the real value of the goods in your warehouse.
  • The inventory will be updated each time a purchase order is entered and the store receives the item.
  • Every time that a meal is served, the proportional part of the ingredients and bottle served is automatically deducted from the registered inventory.
  • Losses: We can specify which type of loss is (broken, out of date…) and obtain informs.
  • Automatic import of the inventory made through a PDA.

¿Do you want the same solution for your business? It’s only going to give you benefits. Ask our team about the solution that fits best with your needs and increase competitiveness.