monitor de cuina techni-web

For a long time, kitchen displays have evolved to an essential element for the management of kitchen orders. Aforetime, kitchen orders were made with pen and paper, disordered until they arrived to the kitchen, with all of the risks that this had (lose papers, disorder them or not arrive to the kitchen due to carelessness). At Techni-Web, we knew that and we have developed a kitchen display practical and agile, so restaurants can control any order. Because of that, we invite you to try our kitchen display Techni-Web.

¿What is a kitchen display?

A kitchen display is a big size POS, normally for kitchens, with which the chef or the staff can control all the orders of the premises. On this kitchen display, orders will be appearing to prepare all of the dishes and the kitchen responsible, has to indicate what has to be prepared first, and when everything is ready, they can mark the order as “READY”. It’s going to disappear from the screen and another order will appear. With a kitchen display, you will have fully control and efficiency in your kitchen.  

¿Which benefits it’s going to give me a kitchen display?

A kitchen display can give you multiple benefits on your business.

  • Simplify the work.
  • Do tasks efficiently.
  • Streamline the orders.
  • Organize employees.
  • Communicate the kitchen and the restaurant.

¿What can I use the kitchen display for?

The kitchen display has multiple functionalities that are going to help you managing your business. The most important, is to identify the one that will be the best for you:

  • Control the preparing time of every order.
  • On the right part of the kitchen display, you will see orders pending to prepare, on the order of orders.
  • To manage the orders of your restaurant, either take away, delivery or in the place. On the monitor, you will be able to differentiate between one and other easily and your employees will be able to work comfortably and start preparing the orders from the screen.
  • Intuitive and visual screen. The kitchen display Techni-Web, can be used by all the managers without problem. In an intuitive way. You will be able to visualize between 6 and 8 orders at the same time, depending on the monitor.
  • Customizable, our kitchen display is able to be adapted to every work methodology and every type of business.
  • Permanent display of orders. Your employees will always know the kitchen display the orders of your customers. Also, they will have total freedom to organize and manage them.  

The kitchen display is an essential tool for your kitchen, especially if you have a restaurant that manages a lot of daily orders, with various turns during the day. It will help you not to lose the order and assign each of your workers work. ¿Do you want more information? At Danzai Software our team will advise you without compromise, searching the best solution for your business.