The management of food stores or restaurants it’s a challenge. There are million things to consider for having everything up to date, as for example: orders, employees, table organization, articles, different languages, etc. Today, we are going to talk about the importance of scandals. Through them, you will really know the costs of your dishes and if your business is profitable.

¿What are the scandals?

A scandal is a tool used to obtain the calculation of all costs that each product development has. At the scandals, it is included:

  • Raw materials on which the product or service is made.
  • Elaboration and production of a product and service.
  • Supplies (water, light, gas).
  • Indirect costs.

If a company does its product scandals correctly, you will really know what you are winning for every purchase done at your store.

¿How to do the scandals in an easy way?

With Techni-Web, you will do it without problem. Also, you can link it with the stock control of your business. All from the same management.

  1. Enter in the program the quantity of ingredients per grams that you need to prepare each dish and product.
  2. Know how much each dish cost.
  3. Print the scandals.
  4. Link it with the stock system.
  5. Every time you serve a dish or make a sale, it will automatically be deducted from your warehouse stock.

The scandals can be printed when you want.

The scandals, help to control the profitability of your business. But, in what is going to benefit me a scandal control?

  • To have always in mind cost management, essential for the survival of any business.
  • You will be able to know if the elaboration and scale of your products is profitable or not.
  • With the plate scandals we can have a better control of the inversion and utilization of raw materials.
  • The objective of the scandals is that dishes do not stop being profitable at any time.

Start now working in the easiest way with Techni- Web. With our POS software, you can have a complete management of your business. Ask now for information about how improve the management of your business. We are going to give you information without compromise.