Even from our beginnings, at Micromar Techni-Web we have known that the 360° service to our clients was our priority. For that, we have worked to have a complete web developing service.

What is a web hosting?

A web hosting is a space that is rented in a server where all the data and documents are saved for a web page to work properly.

It is really important to hire a good quality web hosting service, so that will guarantee a good experience for your visitors, optimizing the charge time and not lose data or information on the website.

What type of web hosting do I need?

It depends on the information that you want to host, and the use that you want to make of your website, you have two chances:

Starting with an easy web hosting plan that will allow you to test which are your needs. It could be enough and your website will charge more easily and you will need no more hosting space. It is only advisable for people/businesses with a simple website, static and with little information.

If your website has e-commerce and a lot of information in images, we recommend going directly to a web hosting plan with a lot of space. In that way, when the customer wants to make a purchase or visit the website, it’s not going to take so long to charge and you can have a good experience of visit.

Security and velocity

A good web hosting will allow you to have all the data of the website stored in a secure place. Also, we guarantee that your website will have a good speed charge, and the visitors will have a good experience at your website. It’s not going to take seconds waiting that everything charges, it will be easier. Also, all the archives and e-mails will be hosted in a safe place, confidential and far away from the attackers.

Only you are the owner of your data, and can administrate when and how you want with the help of our team.

Hire a space of web hosting at a server

Confidentiality and quality guarantee. We do the maintenance, management and data recuperation, also connectivity. At Micromar Techni-Web we want to offer the best solutions for our customers. For that, we have a web hosting managed for our best professionals. In that way, we guarantee the best confidentiality, usability and faster management of the information of the website for our customers. For more information about web development and our 360° services check out our website.