Why a POS software? Actually, all businesses, specially those who are intended to the public sale, are renovating its work system. It is really important that a business evolutes with technology. For that reason, at Danzai Software, we reccomend to our customers to update their softwares if they are still working with manual systems of customer service.

¿Why do you need an ERP with an integrated POS software?

  1. To agilize your billing system. With the Techni-Web PRO software with a POS system integrated, it will take less time to charge your customers. You will have all your products configurated on the screen and you will only have to click to add them to the customer’s account.
  2. Better store image. With an ERP and POS software, you will give to your store a better image. Your customers will be rewarded to be attended for an automated and effective system.
  3. Statistics. By billing everything from a POS software linked with an ERP, you will be able to get statistics from many things: Sales, most sold products, most used payment type.
  4. Control store stocks. With the new ERP and the POS software Techni-Web PRO, you can control exactly all your sales. You previously have to register the store stock of each product (in each store, physical or online). When making a sale, either online or through POS, the stock will be subtracted from the inventory. You can consult it at anytime and obtain statistics.
  5. Sales reports. With Techni-Web PRO and a POS software, you will be able to get reports from any movement of your business: Most selled products, benefits, cost price and billing information.

At Danzai Software we work to help little businesses agilize their sales and management. With Techni-Web PRO, we will help you get it.

¡Welcome to the digital revolution of your business! Start now.