código qr

Due to the actual sanitary situation, stores have sought different resources to offer their products to customers.

One of them, is the QR code. With that, the store will show its products in an easy way and without contact. The customer only will need one thing: a Smartphone. There’s no need to other aplications.

Solutions for any type of business:

The QR code could be used for any type of business that has a catalogue. It is a really easy method. The customer only has to scan the code with its smartphone camera and open the letter in a new browser.

  1. Stores.
  2. Hostelry.
  3. Horeca.


  1. Different languages.
  2. More agile ordering system.
  3. Contactless. Better hygiene. Customer satisfaction.

¿How does it work?

The QR code is easy to use and your customers will thank the agility to see the products. Also, they won’t have contact with materials touched by other people.

The method of use is really easy:

  1. Scan the QR code from your smartphone.
  2. Access to the configurated list of products.
  3. Faster and easy order.

¿How to show it in my store?

The QR code could be shown in different ways. We advise that, when you report that you have that ordering system, you also do so about its use. In that way, the customer don’t have to ask how it works.

It’s the ideal is the contactless solution for your employees and customers. With this new order system, you will show trust and fidelity to your customers. ¡Start working now in an agile way with us! Fully personalizable and editable.

At Danzai Software we are always innovating and thinking to offer the best solutions to our customers. For that, we communicate and improve our POS software Techni-Web constantly.