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Successful Story Disfred

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Successful Story Disfred

Disfred, is a company dedicated to the fish market. At the beginning of its history, their core business was dedicated to distribute Camy ice creams and Findus deep-frozen products instead of fish. It wasn’t until 1994 that they started to open their own stores, reaching the 6 they have today. During the following years, the company experimented a huge growth of their sales and distribution.

With the headquarters in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, a truck fleet and their own distribution, the company started to deliver fresh and frozen fish to all the restaurants and stores of the Girona province.

Actually, the company has more than 450 customers of the food and restoration sector.


At their six stores, they had old scales and cash register. Also, they needed a POS software to modernize the sales system meanwhile they could save time on their daily tasks.

Due to their old system, the headquarters and stores didn’t know which products were their best sellers and also how to export data and statistics, apart from other management and sales difficulties. For that, they started to search a POS software that allowed them solve their billing problems, give a better customer service and export statistics. This was the way they found out Techni-Web, the ideal POS software for sales businesses and stores of every type of sector.


Once all the customer’s needs contemplated, we decided to implement our POS software Techni-Web to help them increase their sales system. What that allowed us, was:

– Improving our customer service, with an agile payment system.

– Facilitate the learning of each employee. Techni-Web is really intuitive and easy to use.

– Obtain sales information of each store, individually or globally, being all of them synchronized to all the POS receiving the information from a center. In this mode, they will know which are the most selled products or the periods of the year with more benefits.

– Configure all the articles of the Techni-Web menu. Organize them for categories or sub-categories. Each client can do it if their access to the software has the permissions.

All of these functionalities, made possible that Disfred solve the challenge that he had planned. Having a personalized sales software adapted to all of their needs to have an optimized sales system, agile and connected.


With our POS software Techni-Web, we have helped our customer solving all the challenges planned from the beginning. Also, our technical team, will teach the company employees in each moment of the process, promoving a positive result for the customer. The result is an agile company, controlled by a new sales software, updated and with all their sales systems covered.

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