From our begginings, at Micromar Techni-Web we wanted to offer the best service to our customers. For that reason, we work hardly, continually and with the best brands to innovate and adapt our products for the actual market needs. This is the case of Cashlogy homologation.

With our vision in offer the best technological solutions, we offer to Azkoyen- Cashlogy, leader on technology for cash payments at the point of sale, to make a partnership with our Techni-Web software. Cashlogy, is a secure cash- payment method that has revolutionized shops. And more since contactless payment has been prioritized in all establishments. Cashlogy is the solution that we offer from Micromar Techni-Web to pay without contact, also for having your cash controlled. Forget to think about employee’s temptations and for always being present at the store.

With Cashlogy you will always have control of all the cash of your store. Also, with their APP you will:

  • Have information at real time of the machine.
  • Consult open and cash closings.
  • Different roles.
  • Receive machine updates.

With all this technology incorporated, at Micromar Techni-Web we wanted to homologate Techni-Web, our POS software with Cashlogy. With that, a collaboration that benefits each was born.

  • Be next to our customers.
  • Offer 360° solutions with the integration of our Techni-Web software.
  • Work with the best technology.

At Micromar Techni-Web we will continue working to offer the best service to our clients. We will improve, update and adapt our software to always be at the forefront of the best technology. Also, compromise to be better day by day and keep doing collaborations with different partners. Join us with the cashlogy homologation!