HIP Profesional Techni-Web

For our Company, it has always been important to be updated. New market trends are always important because in long terms, are going to attract new customers. For that, like every year, from the 7th to 9th of March we have made our HIP Professional 2022 visit at IFEMA. In these edition, the top of mind brands have exhibited and done show- cookings and papers about next market trends.

On the last edition of the show, with more than 34k of visitors, has recovered again to pre- pandemic levels of participation, being the reference food sector show in the Madrid Community.

HIP Profesional is the principal national exhibition of hostelry and hostelry equipment in where you can find practically everything to start improving your business.

The principal HIP Professional trends are:

  • Hostelry robotization. Robots that deliver orders, have been the star of this edition. This ones, are adapted to big malls and actually are contemplated like a waiter support. In the future, the intention is that they can replace all the waiter functions.
  • Hostelry automatization is one of the most important sections to consider and to invest actually. Hostelry automatization is going to suppose for businessmen an incredible staff saving through time, amortizing the investments that are made in a record time. This is the case of totems, that represent a huge investment, but amortized in a little time. Apart from that, they also lightening the orders of your establishment. One of the other trends are the cash- payment machines, like Cashlogy, for example. They also suppose a huge inversion to be quickly amortized.
  • Sustainability, all the solutions that are offered and promoted in hostelry must be sustainable. Sustainability is awarded with tax reduction, apart from having a good corporate reputation.

But the most important and principal invest focus for businesses is make more digital restaurants. In this we have focalized and invested the last years. From Danzai Software, we want to offer the best POS software of the market. For that, we have updated Techni-Web, offering to a new and improved version of Techni-Web PRO. Also, we are preparing the mobile version to simplify restaurants daily tasks and management. ¡Be aware of the new updates!