1st of January, 2022, the new TICKET BAI normative regulations will be obligatory at the País Vasco. This, affects all the persons and businesses that carry out an economic activity.

¿What is Ticket Bai?

The new Ticket Bai system, will allow to the haciendas forales manage the income of the economic activities of taxpayers, especially those who end up with a cash sale. The new implemented system, will be used to make taxpayers to comply their obligations. Also, you have to know that, depending on which diputación foral you are at, the normative can be a little bit different.

¿What will this normative consist of?

There are different requirements that businesses have to accomplish for having everything according to the new normative:

  • Inclusion of a QR code and TBAI at the ticket or invoice that you will give to the customer.
  • Sending a file with the information of the invoice and the software that has been used to make it, along with the user and the hardware that has been used to generate it.
  • Also, their billing software will have to be identifiable with a code that identifies the company that develops the software, to check that they have all the permits to sell the software.

¿Do I have to update my software?

It is required, also, sanctions will be imposed to the businesses that don’t comply the new normative TBAI. If you already have a billing software, you have to update it with a certified provider, in order to don’t have problems with future inspections.

¿What does the new normative pursue?

This new normative that is going to be implanted next year, pretends:

  • That the consumer have a ticket or invoice every time that buy.
  • Control the income cash payments of customers.
  • That businesses pay taxes according to their billing.

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