Ice cream shops have always been very profitable at summers. On the beggining, all of them started selling the typical flavored ice-creams. During all the times, they have evoluted and now are offering milkshakes, crepes, gofres, ice cream cups… that’s our POS for Ice Cream Shops has born.

At Danzai Software we know that and have adapted our POS software Techni-Web to ice cream shop’s needs, with a huge product assortment. Also, some of them have coffee service, which is an added value.

Techni-Web ice cream shops is a POS software with an intuitive point of sale, colorful and easy to use in various languages. We have a fully configurable software, adaptable to each customers and company’s needs.

With Techni-Web Ice Cream Shops, you will have

  • Different levels of use. Allows you to configure different profiles with different access levels. All from the same or different terminals.
  • Higher performance and productivity, saving time and speeding up tasks.
  • Possibility to add multiple terminals without cables to manage orders, tickets and cash controls.
  • Organize products by type of ice-cream. (Pot, cone, one or more balls…) Also, set other products like crepes, waffles, slushies, etc.
  • Statistics control. You will know which the most sold products are and what profits margin do you have, etc.
  • Manage the entrances and exits of your personnel, registering with the presence control module.
  • Configure specific zones to manage orders, with an automatic table generation.  
  • Stock control, obtain a complete control of the products sold.
  • Make simplified invoices, with different taxes. Keep a record of your nominal invoices.
  • Close of the day, employee consume, automatic register of annulations, cash openings, credit card sales and Cashlogy.
  • Several premises can be connected from the same central.

With Techni-Web ice cream shops you will see how the management of your business increases by a 100%

Start working in the easiest way. With Techni-Web you will automatize tasks and will have a complete management of their business. If you have any doubt, our team will be available for you and your team 24h per day!