Nowadays, we have multiple resources to improve restaurant management. One of them, and really important, is having a good POS software. This one, is going to potent all aspects of your restaurant. Also, will emphasize one of the most important ones: Streamline your restaurant orders.

Our Techni-Web software, has two versions:

  • Techni-Web.
  • Techni-Web Pro, specialized on restaurant management.

Depending on how big your restaurant is or your needs, you could choose between one and another. Or, in case of doubt, our team is going to advise which one is the best POS software version for your business.

¿With what solution we can help you streamline your restaurant orders?

  • QR Letter. In that way, you are going to reduce waiting times. Customers will have a QR code to scan with their Smartphones. In that, it will appear the menu and when the waitress will ask for what do you want to eat, you are going to tell her instantly. With that, we are skipping one step for our employees. We streamline orders and table rotation.
  • Handheld termninals (iPad, Orderman). For those in charge of taking orders, are going to do it with intelligent handheld terminals. On the iPad case, you are going to see the POS screen completely, being allowed to manage all the software.

Orderman, is more manageable, allowing waitresses to make the same (take orders) but with a list of products. With this, it can’t be possible to see the mirrored screen. We eliminate paper and pen on the process, helping on not losing information and reducing the delivery time of the orders (the person in charge no longer has the task of assigning each person what to do, the software divides it and appears to the printers automatically).

  • Connection with kitchen printers. Once the waitress has processed the orders, a ticket is going to be printed to each department on the correct time (drinks, salads, starters and dessert).

All of this, will help speeding up restaurant orders by a 100%. Employees will be better organized, and will take charge only of one task, not having to waste time on management and organization. In the long run, you will save staff costs and increase customer churn at your business.

If you still don’t have any POS software, here are the benefits of having one to manage your restaurant.

  • Manage various restaurants at the same time.
  • It will reduce waiting time of the customers.
  • Personalize the management of your business.
  • Sales control.
  • It will improve data communication between departments.
  • You will have the possibility to have partial payment.
  • You will configure dishes in different languages.
  • It will configure the allergens of each dish to give the correct information to the customers.
  • Plate scandals.
  • Control real stock of your store/ restaurant.
  • Sales statistics.
  • Various businesses management.
  • Gift cheques.

¿Do you want more information about how to improve the management of your business? ¡Keep in touch with our team!