TPV-Techni-Web -pizzerias

From the beginings of Techni-Web, we tried to be specialized at the maximum sector variety. Among them, the pizza store ones. This, is one of the most demanded ones and for that reason, we have a high specialization in that. At Danzai Software we know business needs. For that, we have investigated and developed a POS software specialized in pizza stores that will expedite by a 200% the daily management of your business.

With our POS software pizza shops, you will achieve:

  • Different levels of use (waitress, manager, etc)
  • Higher performance and productivity, saving time and speeding up tasks.
  • Once the order is made, it is sent to the kitchen printers directly.
  • Possibility to add multiple handful terminals without cables.
  • Complete control of articles, users, time zones, etc.
  • Manage the entrances and exits of your employees.
  • Assign orders to your delivery people, to be able to have a better control of your deliveries.
  • Stock control.
  • Make simplified invoices with VAT.
  • Manage various restaurants at the same time.
  • Cash closing, employee consumption, automatic registration of cancellations, management of the smart cash drawer Cashlogy.
  • 100% remote management.

Techni-Web POS software pizza shops will provide you with everything you need to obtain the best results for your business. We introduce an intuitive, colorful, easy to use and multiple languages POS software. Techni-Web is a POS sale and management software totally configurable with your store needs.  

At Danzai Software we are committed to continually to improving and updating our software. For that, our team continually investigates new ways to improve it, in order to offer the best possible service. ¿Any doubt? Consult with our team and you will receive advice without any compromise. We adapt to any project.

POS software Pizza Shops