Techni-Web Restaurantes VIP

Techni-Web VIP Restaurants was born because, year by year, the restaurants have more needs and wanted to adapt at the digital transformation, imposed for the new trends of users and also due to the actual situation.

There are many advances made in this sector, as for example:

  • Delivery, all restauration management softwares have incorporated or improved their delivery system due to the hight market demand.
  • Take Away. Having a good take away system will guarantee the restaurant sucesss and a good client review.
  • Management software with TPV, essential for the actual management of your business. This will allow you to speed up and have the control of your sale system.
  • Digital letter, the best option to speed up your sale system at the establishment or delivery.

The new Techni-Web VIP Restaurants will allow you to:

  • Organize the tables of your business wherever you want.
  • Configure items in the program menu.
  • Asociate the allergens with every article.
  • Put dishes in different languages (to be able to adapt it to each client).
  • Improve their take away service.
  • Have invoicing control with sales statistics.
  • Controlling the scandals from their dishes.
  • Make inventory of your products.  
  • Accountability control.
  • Get personalized listings.
  • Manage various establishments.
  • Control the shifts and schedules of your workers.
  • Make gift vouchers.

Our software Techni-Web VIP Restaurants is completely compatible with iPads, printers and POS systems. ¡Ask for more information about compatibility to our professionals!

The market tendencies evolve, every day faster and faster and at Techni-Web we know that our POS software is able to confront all the technological challenges that arise in the future.

Techni-Web VIP Restaurants is the solution that all restaurants are searching to optimize its business management. With all the possible options, it will speed up your system by a 200%.