With more than 30 years of experience on the market, Danzai Software team have updated our point of sale software Techni-Web PRO. Techni-Web, our brand-star product, needed an update and an image change. So our professionals carried out a market study and decided to add new functionalities to the software, in addition to completely renovating its image.

Techni-Web PRO, is our new software specialized in hospitality entrepreneurs with restaurants with greater needs: High volume of work and complexity in its image control.

In addition, our management software is adaptable to countless sectors with a range of touch and management solutions that ranged from the simple management of a point of sale through a touch module, to the total management of several stores.

The new point of sale software Techni-Web PRO:

  • Is compatible with every type of sector.
  • You will improve decisions and results.
  • Will increase business productivity.
  • Will build loyalty to your customers.
  • Management of several establishments.


  • It incorporates a POS system.
  • Cash control.
  • Different access levels.
  • Compatible with handheld terminals.
  • Access to customer files.
  • Configuration of sale items and families.
  • 100% remote controllable software.
  • Connection with scales.

Our new software is destined to improve the better corporate results of our customers. At Danzai Software we are always innovating and proving new ways to be better day by day. Also, we accompany our customers at all times in the process of implementing the new software, providing the necessary training to workers, as well as a 24 hour customer service support system. With that, our intention is promote the highest knowledge to our customers in order to work perfectly.

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