artículos techni-web

Having the main menu of your POS with the articles of your business correctly configured is essential to offer a good service and a major customer rotation. The article configuration in your POS software Techni-Web, is going to give you multiple corporate benefits. You are going to save putting the prices by hand, avoiding price mistakes. Doing this easy step, you are going to save time in your customer service, minimize billing mistakes and enjoy an intuitive and customized interface that you can organize according to your work methodology.

¿Do you want to know more? Now, we are going to talk about one of the advantages that gives you the article configuration at Techni-Web.

What advantages is giving me the article configuration at Techni-Web?

  • You can create all the articles that your POS needs. In our main menu, you are going to prepare and configure a huge amount of images.
  • Once they are configured on the screen, you are going to put price and description of each article configured. This action, only can be done by the users that have the permissions.
  • Each article that we want to include in the menu, is going to be assigned inside a category or sub-category product.
  • For safety reasons, only employees with specific permissions could modify the price and articles of the menu. This permissions, can be configured for each person.
  • With each article of the menu, we will be able to have:
    • An image
    • Different color for each article (facilitating the operation of the program)
    • Title for each article. Ideal to organize paragraphs and an intuitive system. Employees will learn how to use the POS easily.
  • Statistics control. Each time that your employees make a sale through Techni-Web, this will be analyzed for our sales section.

With the possibility to configure articles in a personalized way, you are going to organize your menu as you want. In that way, categories and sub-categories of products are going to be shown due to the business needs.

Find the ideal configuration and organization of articles that fit with your business and start working in the easiest way. With Techni-Web, you are going to be advised for our team. We offer technical service and team training for companies that are going to start using our POS software. ¡Start now with us!