estadísticas de ventas Techni-Web

Sales control is essential to know if you are assuming your sales objectives or not. Data is power and at Techni-Web we know that. For this reason, our point of sale software has the functionality “sales statistics”. On that section, you are going to see for years, trimesters, months and days a complete and easy dashboard (visible to the naked eye) of the data exported from your POS software.

We want to offer them in an easy, agile and fast way. For this reason, you will be able to have this statistics easily on the menu of your program. Also, with our access configuration to different profiles, you are going to choose which employees have access to this functionality.

With Techni-Web sales statistics, you are going to be able to:

  • Know which type of payment your customers do (cash, visa, cheque…)
  • Control the invoicing of the premises by zones. Check out if your terrace is having more revenue than your dining room, or which zone you have to potent to increase the invoicing. With our POS software, you are going to see data instantly.
  • Know the seasons of the year with more sales performance (autumn, winter, spring, summer and festivities). Also, compare the invoicing easily.
  • Families and most sold category products. You are going to see the information in an easy way and without problems. But, previously there must be a configuration work of assigning each product to a category, sub-category or a family.

Which benefits is giving me the sales statistics at Techni-Web?

  • Control of everything immediately.
  • Capacity of taking commercial decisions in a moment or change the strategy.
  • Simple and visual invoicing informs. (Comparatives).
  • Statistics updated at the moment (statistics are made with data in real time.)

The Danzai Software team is continually working to improve the point of sale software Techni-Web. We know that the statistics functionality is a really important part of every business, and for that, we are improving it constantly, personalizing it due to the customer needs.

¿Do you want a solution like this for your business? Contact us and we will find the one that’s best for you and your business.