At Techni-Web we know that it is essential to adapt us to new technologies and provide new solutions to the hostelry sector. With this new normal that our clients face, we have renovated our point of sale software. We introduce Techni-Web PRO with the possibility to configure letters with different languages.

With this new update, we have added new functionalities that will allow our customers to optimize restaurant management.

One of them, and very important for the restauration of the tourism sector, is print the letter in various languages. In that way, it facilitates customer treatment and saves time having to translate the letter dish per dish.

With this new functionality, you can configure every dish of your letter or menu with the languages you want. Then, you could print the letter or menu directly from our software with the languages you want. Also, the orders will appear in Spanish at your kitchen. But, at the time you are doing the invoice, you can assign the language of the customer facilitating them to understand the bill.

Our new software Techni-Web PRO, is the ideal complement for the integral management of restaurants. We have incorporated various functionalities like:

  • Improved ordering system.
  • Table organization.
  • Allergen configuration innovation system.
  • Take Away management.
  • Sales statistics.
  • Stock control and dish scandals.
  • Inventory control.
  • Personalized data of your restaurant activity.
  • Various stores management from the same software.
  • Gift vouchers to eat in the same restaurant.
  • Compatible software with lots of wireless accessories.

Techni-Web PRO, is the management software for hostelry entrepreneurs with restaurants of major needs: A high work volume and complexity in its management and control.

We are working continuously to improve our software to offer the best product to our customers. ¡Try now our software and convince yourself to work in the fastest way!