Conector web Techni-Web

A web connector is an essential tool for every business that manages an e-commerce. This tool, is going to facilitate the daily management of your online store, avoiding to waste time with two platforms. At Danzai Software we want to solve problems, so we have decided to made a new Web Connector update of our POS software Techni-Web. This connector, tooked lots of years since it was made and we didn’t have a modern interface. For that, we set up and updated our web connector. We had always knew that renewing our connector was a good inversion and the one that we had until now, was technologically obsolete.

It wasn’t practical for our clients (it was only one black window with no headland) and you couldn’t see what you were charging, which products and if they were synchronized correctly, etc.

Our new Techni-Web Web Connector is going to help you to:

  • Streamline the daily management of your business.
  • Know which products are synchronized /uploaded /removed correctly.
  • Have a clear vision of which sections of your web page fall within the web connector platform.

Now, we are going to show you the steps to synchronize a product correctly:

  1. Previously, configure complete product sheets at your ERP or POS software. By this, we mean several elements:
    1. Product pictures.
    2. Product tags and categories.
    3. Other things that you want to synchronize.
    4. Stock product.
    5. Product description.
  2. When you have the complete product sheet, it is time to go to the new platform.
  3. Once you are on it, you will see the products that you have modified/ entered in your software and next, you could synchronize whatever you want.

At Danzai Software we have the only wish to facilitate our customer’s life. For that, we offer them the best tools to develop their job.

¡Do not hesitate on contacting us to find the best tools to manage your business!