Tenemos a su disposición una amplia gama de terminales y periféricos de punto de venta.

The second announcement of Kit Digital, an initiative of the Spanish government, has the main […]
At Danzai Software we are constantly developing new apps to facilitate the daily management of […]
nueva actualización Techni-Web
Techni-Web will not work with Windows XP. Times are changing, like technology, which is always […]
ley antifraude fiscal techni-web
Every year, government includes new measures to fight fiscal fraud. Aware that this situation is […]
HIP Profesional Techni-Web
For our Company, it has always been important to be updated. New market trends are […]
Orderman Techni- Web
Technology is growing really fast and every day offers us solutions more effective solutions. And […]
Danzai Software has always had a purpose: Helping businesses with their digital transformation. For that, […]
Techni-Web has been a great POS software since its beginnings. The utility, interface and personalization […]
Conector web Techni-Web
A web connector is an essential tool for every business that manages an e-commerce. This […]
Nowadays, we have multiple resources to improve restaurant management. One of them, and really important, […]