Hostelry is facing new challenges every day. And the actual one couldn’t be another than the COVID passport validation. Every day, businesses have to face new rules that test the ability of them to adapt to changes made by governments. For that, we are going to give you some apps that will allow you to validate your COVID passport as fast as you can.

COVID Passport Validation Options

COVID Certificate Check, an app from the Swiss government. Once you have the app installed on your device, the verification is snapshot once the camera detects the code. The data of the person, will appear on the mobile screen and you will see if the passport it’s valid or not. What has to make the person in charge, is press OK and scan the next one.

-GreenPass EU, suitable for adding at a particular level the QR code of each person, and with a “Check Pass” section. When accessing to this section, you will have to select which area you want to register. (European Union, Germany, Austria, Slovakia). You will have to select European Union, since other countries have other regulations for vaccination that could invalidate the COVID passwords of their clients. Scan the code and you will see instantly the validation of each passport. actually, the government of Catalonia has promoted a websitethat allows the users verify the COVID passports, but is a quite slow option. But, if you really want to go fast, a shortcut should be created in your mobile menu.

Due to the actual situation, all the laws are changing, and businesses have no choice but to adapt. But, we have to choose the best and most practical way to do it.