Techni-Web TPV Hoteles

From our beginnings, at Danzai Software we wanted to work with different types of sectors. For that, we developed our POS software Techni-Web, perfect for a complete management of hotels. For that reason, we have also specialized our POS software into POS for hotels.  

Tourism has always been a very important sector in our country. But software companies, don’t have been able to capture what needs they had and their technological transition has been slower.

For that, from Techni-Web, we have provided a fully customizable solution.

With our POS for hotels, you will have:

  • Ease booking management.
  • Hotel invoicing.
  • Sales management.

Also, we want to include various modules (kitchen monitors) for the various hotel departments (bar, restaurant, catering). All of this modules, have to be controlled with a central synchronization. In that way, all the information for each of them, is going to be sent from the hotel central and everything is going to be controlled without losing data.

With our POS software for hotels, you will be able to do:

  • Sales/ occupation/ booking statistics of your hotel. If the company it’s a group of hotels, we also cover the same needs with our centralized synchronization.
  • Manage sales.
  • Manage everything from the simplicity of a POS. Forget to put everything on Excel.
  • With personalized logins for employees. All employees will see the data or screens relative to their department. Everything is going to be controlled and there will be one only some of the employees who will have access to their department data. This decision will be make according to their charge inside the organization.
  • Have everything integrated (POS+ management). This will allow you to be more fast and have a centralized management. You will get more time for employee’s daily tasks and will upgrade to a better organization.

Techni-Web hotels is the ideal software for hotel management. ¿What are you waiting to start working on the easiest way? Ask for information and our team of professionals is going to help with whatever you want. You and your team are going to receive information and specialized formation. ¡Start now with Hotel POS!