Tenemos a su disposición una amplia gama de terminales y periféricos de punto de venta.

The management of food stores or restaurants it’s a challenge. There are million things to […]
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Consumer trends have changed through the years. People don’t have enough time to go shopping […]
Allergens and intolerances are taken into account in hospitality. According to the food information law, […]
Restoration is one of the sectors that has suffered more because of the pandemic. Normative […]
Hostelry is facing new challenges every day. And the actual one couldn’t be another than […]
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From our beginnings, at Danzai Software we wanted to work with different types of sectors. […]
Ice cream shops have always been very profitable at summers. On the beggining, all of […]
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Restaurants need a software adapted to new business needs. Consumer trends are continually changing, and […]
From our begginings, at Danzai Software our mission has been help our customers to improve […]
Shops, are the main business of our country. Whether clothing, food stores or bars, all […]